Roof Cleaning & Roofing Services

Roof Cleaning & Roofing Services

With our hands-on knowledge and expertise the team at New Ridge Roof Restoration know the importance of keeping all parts of the roof in the best condition possible. Over time and with constant exposure to the outdoor elements roofs can gain large amounts of dirt, dust, and grime, leaving the entire house looking dishevelled and leading to increased ageing and deterioration of the roof as a whole.

To prevent premature ageing of the roof the team at New Ridge Roof Restoration can methodically conduct detailed roof cleaning, harmlessly blasting away built-up grime and moss and refreshing the overall appearance and aesthetic of the home as a whole. To book your home in for a roof clean call us on 0439 931 138.

New Ridge Roof Restoration is the most trusted roofing company providing all kind roof restoration services across Melbourne including from areas like BerwickBoroniaCranbourneHallamHampton ParkKnoxfieldKeysboroughNarre WarrenRingwoodRowvilleBrightonCarrum DownsCroydonDonvaleFerntree GullyKnoxMorningtonMoorabbinPakenham & more


Benefits Of Restored Roof

  • Greater Aesthetic Appeal
  • Minimised Chance of Leaks
  • Safe to Walk On
  • Increased Property Value entering the roof cavity
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Prevents Possums and other pests
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