Valley Replacement

Valley Replacement

At New Ridge Roof Restoration we endeavor to provide all of our customers with a comprehensive roofing experience that meets all of their needs and requirements. Made from metal, the roof’s valleys are the natural folds in the roof and channel rainwater directly into the gutters, preventing the roof from being laden by excess water. Over time the valleys can develop rust or warping that can affect its integrity.

To help make sure that your roof remains both safe and effective the team at New Ridge Roof Restoration can complete personalised and precise valley replacements for Melbourne homes. Custom-sized to suit the layout of our customer’s roof we can extend the life of your roof for less. To find out more about how our valley replacements are right for you call us on 0439 931 138.

New Ridge Roof Restoration is the most trusted roofing company providing all kind roof restoration services across Melbourne including from areas like BerwickBoroniaCranbourneHallamHampton ParkKnoxfieldKeysboroughNarre WarrenRingwoodRowvilleBrightonCarrum DownsCroydonDonvaleFerntree GullyKnoxMorningtonMoorabbinPakenham & more

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Benefits Of Restored Roof

  • Greater Aesthetic Appeal
  • Minimised Chance of Leaks
  • Safe to Walk On
  • Increased Property Value entering the roof cavity
  • Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Prevents Possums and other pests
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